Creative Gear specializes in professional live sound and lighting rigs. We also do staging, AV, draping, sales, and we can service your gear. Our work includes a wide range of clients, from the University of Stellenbosch to the local pubs. Although we are situated in Stellenbosch, we do a lot of work outside of town – we have even gone as far as Grootfontein in Namibia!



We have PAs of all sizes and for all budgets.

Amongst others we can supply clients with the following ranges of speakers and amplifiers: JBL EON, JBL PRX, JBL VRX, Nexo PS15, Community, Wharfedale Titan, Crown, Crest and Behringer.

Our sound mixers also range to suit all budgets. We have Behringer, Mackie, Soundcraft and Yamaha mixers.

We use only the best wireless and corded microphones (Shure and Sennheiser) and cables.

Check out the Sound section to see what packages we have on offer, or request a quote with your specific needs. Sound



As with sound equipment, technology gave us the new energy saving 3 watt LED par cans. They are extremely versatile, can create any RGB colour, and compare with the brightness of a 1000 watt par 64. It is perfect for creating the right mood on stage or as subtle decor lighting in your special venue.

We also have moving heads, scanners and the ever faithful par cans.

We can rig the lighting on T-bars, duck stands or trussing.

Check out the lighting page to see what else we have! Lighting



We have the industry standard 1.2m x 2.4m stage blocks to build a stage or ramp in any configuration.

We also had some custom half blocks built and they prove to be very practical and popular in small venues where space is an issue.

Our stages vary in height up 900mm. They are perfect for fashion show cat walks, outside band gigs, and raising your speaker at talks.Staging



In the summer months there are weddings every weekend. It is important that everybody can hear the best man perfectly, but also that the sound system does not interfere with the decor. We achieve this by using top quality compact equipment and wireless microphones.

We can do it outside for the preacher or inside for the DJ.Sound


Audio Visual

We have LCD flat screens, plasma screens, projectors and front and rear projection screens. A rear projection presentation gives you that professional edge you sometimes need to impress the right people.

Or maybe a plasma screen for a brainstorming session or in the break area? A/V



Just like with your car, it is important to service your equipment regularly to keep it in good working order and long lasting.

We can service your gear on sight or pick it up for more serious repairs. Contact us



If you want your gear to be installed properly we can do it for you. From wall mounting LED screens to securing your new amplifier in a flight case.

Feel free to give us a call and we can discuss your needs. Contact us



If you want to buy your own gear, send us an email or give us a call for a quote! We can order most of the gear that we use at very competitive prices. Contact us